Surrender/Assisted Rehome Conditions

Surrender Conditions:

  • A surrender fee may be requested to assist with veterinary expenses of undesexed adult dogs or cats, particularly during high intake periods when our resources are stretched.
  • Applications that do not contain enough information will not be considered.
  • In the interest of our foster carers and the safety of their pets – we may not be able to assist if your pet is aggressive. Please answer all questions factually and honestly.  
  • Reptiles and native birds are unable to be surrendered without correct permits and paperwork. Please contact the Department of Environment and Science for more information on 13 QGOV or
  • We are all volunteers and in most cases we will not provide a collection service for surrendered pets.  Please be aware you will need to work with our team to organise a suitable time/day/place to complete paperwork and surrender your pet.
  • Recent photos of your pet should also be attached to the request

Assisted Rehome Conditions:

  • A co-contribution fee of $40 applies (unless otherwise agreed) to assist with the mandatory initial vet check. Any other donations towards care/treatment are also welcome and encouraged.
  • If the animal tests positive for FIV or Heartworm, or is diagnosed with a major medical condition – Gladstone PAWS may be unable to assist with rehoming under this agreement.
  • The animal will not be considered a GPAWS animal, under this agreement, and remains the legal responsibility of the owner.
  • GPAWS may organise meet-and-greets with potential adopters, and agree that under no circumstances am I to hand over this animal without approval from the rescue group.
  • The animal will receive addition vetting required (ie desexing) once a home is found.
  • I am required to arrange transport to/from the vet, as required, and understand these are located in Gladstone and Tannum Sands only.
  • If the adoption falls through within the 2 week trial period, I agree to take back this animal into foster, if no other arrangement can be found.
  • This agreement may be terminated by GPAWS at any time, if the above conditions are not met or if the animal is no longer deemed to be rehomable.