Surrender an Animal

We understand that sometimes situations arise that may be outside of your control, and you may find that you can no longer care for your pet. Gladstone PAWS take a limited number of surrenders which can be dependent on circumstances, finances and availability of our foster carers. 

We understanding that surrendering a pet is never an easy choice. There are many alternative options for support available to you. Please investigate some of these options on the RSPCA’s support tool:

After carefully considering the decision to rehome your pet including all other options (such as family and friends), please complete the application form. We can also help you with an assisted re-home, where the animal will stay with you until we can find them a new home. If this sounds like something you would like to do, please select the assisted re-home option below. This will be assessed by the committee and a representative will contact you with a response within 7 days.

Please provide as much detailed information as possible to enable us to determine your pet’s needs and if we are able to find them a new home. The more information provided and more flexible your circumstances, the better we can assist. Recent photos of your pet are extremely helpful in aiding us to find a suitable carer.

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