Gladstone PAWS wants to help decrease the number of dogs and cats  who end up in our local pound.  While Gladstone is lucky to have two rescue groups there are still too many animals to find homes for, and those that are unlucky enough to need help when we’re all full are sadly put to sleep.  How can you help?  Foster.  The number of animals we save is most limited by the number of active foster carers we can count on. 

Even more important than fostering, is desexing.  Please don’t let your animal have even one litter.  There is no medical advantage in your pet having a litter, and plenty of reasons not to.  Desexed animals are less likely to roam and reduces the chances of cancer of the prostate, uterus, and many other issues.  In dogs it can reduce aggressive tendencies.   Don’t like male dogs lifting their leg on furniture?  Have it desexed before it starts.

Gladstone PAWS operates two programs to help the Gladstone community reduce unwanted pet numbers. 

Last Litter Program

If you have a mother cat or dog with a litter, and want to do the right thing by both the mother and the offspring then talk to us about our Last Litter Program.  The ideal age for a puppy or kitten to leave their mother is at 8 weeks, so once your puppies or kittens are 8 weeks old you surrender the entire litter to GPAWS.  We then fully vet treat them, including chip and sterilisation, and then adopt them out to new homes.   We also book the mother in for desexing AT NO COST to you. 


  • For a mother and litter
  • Dog or Cat
  • NO cost to you
  • WE make the booking
  • The litter becomes the property of Gladstone PAWS and is rehomed
  • The mother remains your property, but is spayed at our cost
  • Open to GLADSTONE area residents only (includes Boyne, Tannum, Calliope etc.)
  • If you’re not coping with mother and litter we can discuss taking both until after the litter  leaves and the mother is spayed, then returning her to you.  Our ability to do this will depend on our having an available foster carer at the time.
  • In most cases you will need to transport the mother to and from our partnered vet clinic for the spay. 
  • Would you like to apply?  Download the application form here, complete it, and return to

Subsidised Desexing


Gladstone PAWS relies on donations and adoptions for its funds.  We don’t have a financial partnership with council or any other organisation, so our funds are very limited.  As of 10th May 2024 you need to have a concession card to access our help, and we no longer provide help for cat desexing. As veterinary costs have escalated, affecting all our operations, we can no longer offer a service which is available elsewhere, so please contact Gladstone Animal Rescue Group if you have a cat that needs desexing (you may need a concession card to access their service – please enquire with them). If you have a dog for desex and a concession card, continue reading below.


  • Discounted desexing for dogs over 6 months old
  • Open to GLADSTONE area residents only (includes Boyne, Tannum, Calliope etc.)
  • You’ll need to provide a copy of your concession card
  • A completed application form is required.
  • Each application is considered, and you will be notified if successful within 5 working days. Success depends on our current funds and your situation. 
  • The animal remains your property
  • You pay your contribution upfront, and then WE make the booking.
  • You transport your animal to and from our partnered vet clinic.
  • We only book and pay for the desex.  You’ll need to do any other treatments separately.
  • You pay $150 to our account before we make the surgery booking.
  • Would you like to apply?  Download the application form here, complete it, and return to
  • NOT available for January-February each year.  Gladstone Regional Council offers a desexing subsidy program for dogs during this time.  Please help save our funds by using their service during this period.